Keep your event on top from with our guide. Our top three things to remember are to help those who are planning an event and may be struggling with what is the most important and what is needed. See: Perfect Party Planning.

Invite PR and press

Many business events forget about the press side of things. It is important to invite PR agencies along to your event and make sure that they have a good time. Whilst at the event they can learn about the business and possibly, later they may even do a favour for you. Our local PR company in Brighton is Midnight. Find out more.

It is good to host events that market your company to others within the same industry as well others who aren’t. In the end they all help to promote the business – which was the main aim of the event in the beginning, wasn’t it?

What venue offers the best deal?

An essential to any event is the venue, but choosing the ideal location proves difficult. You have to think, what type of venue is suitable for my guests, is it easily accessible and do they offer any services in the price, e.g. catering? The answer to these questions makes it much easier to choose. Discover your venue.

It is also important to keep in mind that any costs of the venue, will determine the budget for other things such as entertainment. Entertainment is just as important – you don’t want bored guests.

Perfect food for your guests

No matter what type of event your hosting or attending, your guests will eventually get hungry. That’s why it’s important to have the very best food and catering options available.

You don’t want your event spoiled by the food. Make sure you keep your guests full and happy with the food on offer.

Party catering is vital to get right. It can truly make or break your event. There’s caterers all over the world that include Sydney, London and New York that specialises in an entire range of cuisines. Find the right menu for your event.

Entertainment for the evening

Entertainment can be anything from a live band to a magician. However, the team at Seven Dials suggest something different. How about a fireworks display to really get the night going. Fireworks are a great way of celebrating the event, be a birthday or wedding. A stunning show of fireworks not only makes the event memorable, but special too.

We recommend the Fireworks Shop. They work with the leading brands that supply the best fireworks in the UK and hand pick sparklers, rockets and selection boxes from them. These display packs are sold at a cheap price for everybody to enjoy. The experts can devise a DIY display package with a range of their fireworks, including Catherine wheels, barrage’s and the new and improved dominator 4 pack!