Situated in the heart of Brightion, our award winning restaurant is like no other – in a quiet loch-side location on the Town Pier, the distinctive red roofs have been synonymous with fantastic food culters and relaxed fine dining for almost 20 years. Using the freshest food from the local area, a meal at Seven Dial’s is a must on any visit to the area.

What We Are About

We believe that any food culture is great.

We believe in value. Our prices will leave pounds in your pocket! This fair dealing extends to our suppliers. We buy locally whenever we can, using seasonal produce from sustainable sources.

We are equally concerned about food content. This means there are no modified starches in our food. We have reduced the salt content and watch the amount of colourings and E numbers we use. We make sure there are gluten free options on our menu, and that includes our very own House Onion Gravy!

Our coffee is not just fairtrade, its also organic and certified by the Rainforest Alliance.