Top 3 Things To Remember For An Event

Keep your event on top from with our guide. Our top three things to remember are to help those who are planning an event and may be struggling with what is the most important and what is needed. See: Perfect Party Planning.

Invite PR and press

Many business events forget about the press side of things. It is important to invite PR agencies along to your event and make sure that they have a good time. Whilst at the event they can learn about the business and possibly, later they may even do a favour for you. Our local PR company in Brighton is Midnight. Find out more. Read More

Check Out Our New Drinks!

Our award winning restaurant has many keen eaters coming and going to try our menus.

With our facilities contasntly being used, it means our floors and equipment become warn out and tired – here at SevenDials we have decided to revamp the entire restaurant rooms into something amazing.

Still along with our sea based menu and style of the place, we modernised the whole place. But don’t worry, it still has the cosy, warm feeling you instantly feel when you walk through the door. Read More